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Guilty Of Being Black

I think the “Stand Your Ground” laws are pretty stupid.  They state that you can shoot someone if you feel threatened?  That’s just basically saying  you can shoot anyone you damn well please to shoot.  And though this law is being used an example of the Trayvon Martin case, I don’t think it applies.

George Zimmerman, the guy who admits he shot Trayvon Martin, was conducting a neighborhood watch, jumped out of his SUV after being told by the police to stay in his car, and followed Trayvon and shot him.  It’s unclear how far away he was from Martin when he shot him and some neighbors called 911 to report a fight.  There are reports that Martin, who was 17 and weighs about 140 lbs, was screaming for help while scuffling with the much heavier and older Zimmerman.  So if anything, Zimmerman was NOT standing his ground.

Martin’s crime?  Apparently he was guilty of walking through a mostly white neighborhood, packing Skittles and tea, while wearing a hoodie…and while being black.  Zimmerman had made over 50 calls to 911 since the start of this year.  Many of his calls were to complain about someone black walking through the neighborhood.  Zimmerman is part Hispanic, so it’s not a white on black race crime…but something just doesn’t smell right about this.

A crime that was placed on top of this crime is the fact Zimmerman was not arrested.  So yeah, there’s a lot of people, of all races, upset over this throughout the country.