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Gay Cops For Romney

Pinal County (Arizona) Sheriff Paul Babeu is a staunch supporter of deportation, a co-chair for the Arizona’s Romney campaign and a candidate for Congress.  He’s also gay, which is something that just came out.  Apparently he had a secret relationship for three years with a Mexican immigrant.  This guy who’s been having gay sex with a Mexican immigrant has about as much chance of being elected to Congress in Arizona, as a guy who’s been having gay sex with a Mexican immigrant being elected to Congress in Arizona.

He’s been accused of threatening to deport his former lover if he outed him.  The Sheriff is denying this but still resigned from Romney’s campaign.  He says he resigned from the campaign to focus on the allegations.  Really?  You didn’t resign because being gay and sleeping with an immigrant, even a legal one, doesn’t hurt a Republican’s candidacy for president?  What’s there to focus on?  Sounds like the Sheriff spent the last three years focusing on sleeping with this guy and that didn’t stop him from being sheriff, what’s he gotta focus on now?  And if he’s gotta focus on this so much that he has to quit working on Romney’s campaign, then why is he still running for Congress?  I guess that is a lot to focus on, running the sheriff’s department, campaign for Congress, deny the blackmail allegations from former gay immigrant lover.  Yeah.  I get his point.  He’s a busy guy.  He’s swamped!

Another thing I’ll never understand is how can some gays and lesbians be Republicans?  That’s like zebras campaigning for lions.

Here’s the rough.