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Stolen Teleprompter

Republicans have constantly criticized Obama for using a teleprompter when he gives a speech.  They even use teleprompters when they attack him for it.  They’ve also attacking him for his bus tours, even though Bush did the same thing.  John McCain said the buses were stupid and ugly (or something like that) despite using the same buses for his “Straight Talk Express.”

Now just in time to freak everyone, Obama’s teleprompter was stolen while he was on his bus tour in Richmond.  Now there’ll be a thousand Republican jokes about Obama having “no comment” on the matter and being speechless.

We in Virginia pride ourselves on being the best at everything we do, and even our thieves are the best.  They’re so good they can steal from the Secret Service.

But seriously, how do you steal the president’s teleprompter?  They also stole $200,000 in equipment and the presidential seal.  I’d make each of those Republican candidates a suspect for the seal thing as that’ll be as close they’ll get to it.

Here’s the rough.

I did two other ideas on this one.  Usually, when I have that many I don’t like them.  But I kinda like these two.  Here’s the first one I came up with.

And here’s the other one.  I’m gonna have to find another reason to work in “Pawn Stars” at some point.  I’m still trying to work in “nobody ever pays me in gum”.