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Global Warming Denial

One of the many reasons that makes a right-wing nut job a right-wing nut job is their denial that man is changing the climate…or that the climate is changing at all.  To deny climate change you have to adjust data, make stuff up, leave out information that supports your cause and listen to a few discredited scientists who are rarely, if ever, published in serious publications.  It also doesn’t hurt if you’re party of a think tank that’s funded by corporations that desire lesser EPA regulations.

To believe climate change is real all you have to do is walk outside.

A lot of cartoonists, right-wing nut job cartoonists, do cartoons when it’s cold in January saying “Aha!  Take that you global warming freaks!  It’s snowing in Chicago!”  These same cartoonists are silent on the issue in July and August.

To pursue science in this issue, one should leave out the financial and political implications of your argument.  Use real research.  There are some climage change believers who use it for their politics, but a HUGE majority of scientist believe in climate change…and there’s not any politics to it.  Those who deny climate change use it for their politics.  Even the annual conference of some sort that denies climate change is funded is large part, if not entirely, by corporations that need fewer EPA regulations.

Here’s the rough.

And here’s the first idea which nobody in the office understood.