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I know it’s late when I’m posting this, but I had a late band practice then hung out with friends…and one made me a hotdog with pastrami, cheese and spicy mustard.  It was incredible.  You should try that sometime, just maybe not at 3:00 AM.  Thanks, Tim!  Thanks, Sharon!

Obama has made a point of pointing out the polls give more blame to the Republicans over the entire debt ceiling thing.  The public should blame the GOP more, but they’re also frustrated with Obama.  They see it as two sides being unable to work something out.  Usually it’s not an issue to raise the debt ceiling.  Congress and the president has done it like a trillion times except you never hear about it.  It’s just something they do.  This time the GOP wants a fight with it.  The GOP want a fight to win conditions just for them to do their job.

And the pie thing:  Rupert Murdoch was hit almost struck by a shaving cream pie while testifying to the British Parliament.  Some comedian activist took it upon himself to make Murdoch a martyr.  If you really hate Rupert Murdoch, don’t give people a reason to sympathize with him.  On top of this, Fox News and others have made his trophy wife a hero for slapping the pie thrower.  Fox News has barely covered the hacking scandal, but they gave huge coverage to how awesome and incredible his wife is for protecting her man.  Good thing she was there.  One can only imagine the damage that can be inflicted on a face upon having shaving cream smeared on it.

And how do you sneak in a plate and shaving cream into British Parliament?  You couldn’t do that with  the U.S. Congress unless you tied a bunch of money to it.  I bet I couldn’t smuggle a shaving cream pie into a city council meeting.  And what sort of political statement is it to throw a shaving cream pie?  Unless Rupert Murdoch has bought Norelco and suppressed the rights of free-razor shaving, I don’t get the message.

I don’t hate Rupert Murdoch.  I think he’s done a great job as a businessman.  I hate the job he’s done as a careholder of journalism.  The man knows how to buy a newspaper, a network, magazines and publishing companies, but does he know anything about journalism ethics?  I don’t think he endorsed the hacking, but I think he sat on his hands while he knew it was going on.

On top of all that, I do love The Simpsons and he’s pretty much let that show do whatever it wants.  You can’t say it’s a right wing program.


Here’s the rough.

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