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I think it’s finally safe to say….there will not be a national slavery museum in Fredericksburg.  It’s been pretty safe to say that for a while, but now it’s official since the city is selling the land and they’re trying to make Wilder pay delinquent taxes on the land.  It’s really too bad because a museum of this sort would have been great for this area, and this country.  If only it was led by someone who’s capable of leadership, accountability, honesty and at the very least, one who returns phone calls.

Boots are no fun.  I got a boot on my car a few weeks ago.  It’s a disturbing way to leave work.  I think it’s rude and not just inconvenient, but potentially dangerous.  But at any rate, my friends are probably going to laugh at this cartoon a bit harder than the average reader.  My taxes weren’t even that late…and speaking of taxes, why is Stafford County, where I haven’t lived in over two years, sending me a tax bill for $50?


Here’s the rough.

Boot rough