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Japan Wins…Blame Obama

Since Republicans blame Obama for the economy, unemployment, NASA funding cuts, America’s stature dropping, rotten vegetables, Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen, etc, etc…I figured they may as well blame him for Japan beating us in the World Cup.

One funny thing I hear from Republicans is about Obama going around the world on an “Apology Tour”.  They claim he’s apologizing for America over and over, but they’re never specific.  Actually, he never has apologized for the United States.  Never.  Look it up.  But if the lie is so good, why let the truth get in the way?

I had a hard time putting the score into the cartoon.  The score was 2-2, then a shootout which was 3-1.  They don’t do it like hockey, football or basketball where all scores in overtime are added to the regular time score.  This is another reason I don’t care about soccer.  I’ll never figure out that yellow card thing.

Here’s the rough which did contain the shootout score.  Do they call it “shootout” in soccer?  Never mind.  Don’t tell me.  I don’t care.