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Palin and Bachmann’s test



My editor left early today which probably helped get this cartoon in the newspaper.  His assistant said it was unfair and I said “thank you”.  Show me a fair cartoon and you’ll be showing me one boring cartoon.

This did lead to a little debate between me and the assistant.  She said it was unfair for me to criticize Palin and Bachmann while ignoring gaffes by Obama and Democrats.  I quickly pointed out all the “Weiner” cartoons I did and then I made my point.  There’s a standard for picking on a politician’s gaffe.  If the politician believes or wants to convince others that what he or she said is true, then it’s good to hit them for it.  If the politician simply mispoke then you should let it slide as it’s petty to pick on it.

For example:  Palin said Paul Revere was trying to warn the British not to take our guns and he was firing guns and ringing bells.  Did Palin believe this?  Yes and she even defended it.  Bachmann put Lexington and Concord in New Hampshire when they’re actually in Massachusetts, and at the time she totally believed she was telling the truth.  Bachmann believed the John Wayne from Waterloo was the patriotic American western actor and NOT the serial killing clown from Waterloo (to Bachmann’s credit, she later said she was wrong).  Bachmann did believe John Quincy Adams was a founding father and even defended it later.

Obama said there were 57 states, did he believe that or want others to believe that?  Of course he didn’t believe that and the only people who can believe he meant it or is that stupid are strict partisans who want to believe the worst about the guy.  When George W. Bush said “Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” do you believe he was thinking of ways to harm the country?  Of course not…well, not intentionally.

I was also told to be careful because there’s a lot of bashing of conservative women running for president.  That made me think of the free ride Hillary Clinton got in 2008.

This was a fun toon to draw, or write rather.  I kept making changes and adding things to it.  Even while scanning it, I deleted the file and made another change.

Also while drawing it an editor came up behind me and started questioning “Jimmy Crack Corn”.  Did he “crack” corn or was that corn “cracked”.  Then there was a debate between “collect”, “collects” or “collected” and “pose”, “poses” and “posed”.  I was told to talk to a copy editor and there was a debate between crack, cracked and if “crack” was a part of Jimmy’s name.  I really hate when people stand behind me.



Here’s the rough.  Look for the changes.

Test rough