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GOP Debate

GOP Debate

I totally expected each candidate to attack Romney so they could chip away at his frontrunner status.  That didn’t happen.  What happened instead was the debate wasn’t a debate.  These candidates didn’t debate ideas or express differences with each other.  Are they really all the same?  The only message they gave at this event was that Obama will be a one-term president (so I guess they didn’t realize they’re the best they got).

The candidates are very big on attacking Romney, but not to his face.  As times wears on and the primaries draw closer, this cartoon will come true.  It does come true when they’re not on the same stage with each other.

Did we learn anything new about any of the candidates?  Not really.  We learned Bachmann is officially in the race.  Newt is still the smartest dumb guy in the world.    If Ron Paul is president then we can expect more terrorist attacks.  Romney would ruin the country’s credit rating.  Newt and Cain are both bigots.  Newt would dismantle the Department of Homeland Security and put half of them on the border with Mexico.  Most of their plans sounds like something you’d hear from an intoxicated guy you just met at a bar.

GOP Debate

Here’s the rough.