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Ten = Seventeen

Ten = Seventeen

I was wondering if I was stupid.  I know, a lot of readers of this blog will confirm I am.  But I was reading the story on Spotsylvania School Superintendent Jerry Hill’s retirement package and I got confused.

The school system has a retirement package that pays employees a bonus of 20 percent of their salary for three years as an incentive to retire early.  The idea is that highly paid employees will retire and the school board can replace them with chumps, I mean new candidates, who’ll work for a lower wage.  To participate in the program you must have 17 years education experience in Virginia.  Jerry Hill started in 2001.  His salary is $175,500, but he has a total annual compensation package of $234,000.  His bonus is calculated on the total package, giving him $140,400 over three years after he leaves.  The idea his replacement would make less money is out the window as consultants to the search say that salary will be in the $200,000 range.

I think even with as little ten years experience in the Virginia education system, you would be able to do the simple basic math I’ve outlined here and the answer you get would not be 17.

If you’ve been a student of Spotsylvania public schools since Kindergarten and you’re now graduating, you will have more education experience in Virginia than the school superintendent.  You might wanna call about your bonus and retirement plan.

Ten Equals Seventeen

Here’s the rough.

Ten = Seventeen rough

Here’s the second idea.  It’s OK, but I liked the one we went with better.

Ten = Seventeen rough #2

Here’s a third idea that was also on the school board, but on another issue.

School Board rough

County supervisor Hap Connors, in addition to questioning the board about Hill’s retirement package, wants to know the legal costs that went into their censure of fellow board member, Amanda Blalock.  If you’ll recall, the board censured her for stuff we don’t know she did.  It’s all a secret except that she’s censured.  That’s kinda like when you were grounded as a kid and you’d tell your friends you’re grounded but you wouldn’t tell them why (in my case, it involved a giant rubber spider coinciding with my mother’s arachnophobia).  Anyway, the school board, as an elective body, is doing all sorts of ultra top secret stuff.  Hap Connors, as an elected official, wants to know why.  I totally expect the school board’s official response to be “shut up, you”.