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Crazy Guy Behind The Dumpster

Crazy Guy Behind The Dumpster

After the president delivered his State of the Union, the Republicans delivered their response…and then the Tea Party delivered theirs, delivered by Michelle Bachmann, loony representative from Minnesota.  The only network to air her speech was CNN.  Even Foxnews avoided it.

Many have criticized CNN for airing it.  Even conservatives are upset they aired it.  They didn’t want it to underscore their response (delivered by Eddie Munster impersonator, freshman Senator Paul Ryan), plus, they probably didn’t want to display one of their crazies on national television.

I think CNN was right.  Everybody’s talking about it and that pretty much qualifies it as news.  The Tea Party had a huge influence on the election.  If they want to deliver a response by someone who’s looking at the wrong camera, then so be it.

I personally don’t want to outlaw pants as I have very white legs.

Crazy Guy Behind The Dumpster