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Brainwashing Unpratriotic Nutrition Plan

Brainwashing Unpatriotic Nutrition Plan

Thanks to Cori for helping me choose the right shade of yellow for the speech balloons.

It’s not a secret I’m no big fan of Foxnews.  I think it’s irresponsible, reckless and dangerous to the country by giving out misinformation.  In the past there were bumper stickers that read “annoy the media.  Vote Republican”.  Well  now the media is Republican as Foxnews leads the way with viewers, which is another consternation of mine.  Why does the majority of people who watch news choose a source that’s so biased?

People argue that it balances out since CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS are so biased.  No it doesn’t balance out.  Even if those sources are bad journalism, you don’t balance out bad journalism with more bad journalism.  Those other sources aren’t as biased as Foxnews viewers claim they are (ya know since they don’t actually contribute money to a certain political party).  Hearing information you don’t like doesn’t make the source biased.  In a lot of cases, it just makes those viewers biased against reality.

When Keith Olbermann came along as a leftwing pundit, liberals rejoiced.  To me, it didn’t improve the journalism landscape.  It made it worse.  It was liberal information presented in a Fox format.  Again, bad journalism doesn’t balance out bad journalism.  Olbermann said a lot of stuff I agreed with and the problem with that is that’s all he said.  I’m not a lemming and I don’t want to be told just what I want to hear.

The biggest complaint I had against Olbermann and Countdown was how petty it was.  Calling someone the “worst person in the world” because you share political differences is petty.  It resorts to the same outlook that many conservatives share, that those who disagree with me is an enemy.  It’s as bad as Bill O’Reilly labeling people “pinhead or patriot”.  What if you love your country but you also have Chumbawumba on your iPod?  Can’t you be a pinhead AND a patriot?  Despite this sin, I don’t think it makes Bill O’Reilly the “worst person in the world”.

When I angered people with my Sarah Palin cartoon I was accused by many that I wanted to shut her up.  That the Left wanted to take away her right to speak.  We were accused of wanting laws to limit her speech.  No, I don’t and I haven’t heard anyone else wanting new laws to stop a conservative from talking.  We want people to be accountable for what they say.  If you’re going to say stupid things, I have the right to call you out on it.  If anything, the Left wants Sarah Palin to speak loudly over and over again.  It guarantees another term for Obama.

My favorite source for information is print.  I don’t listen to talk radio and I rarely watch talk news.  If you want to watch someone gripe for three hours about Obama using a teleprompter, I’m not just going to question your taste.  I’m gonna question your sanity.

Brainswashing Unpatriotic Nutrition Plan

Here’s the rough.

Brainwashed Rough #1

My editor wanted me to take out the magazines.  He doesn’t believe National Review and Reason to be as reckless and irresponsible as Foxnews.  I agree with that, but I wanted to show the lemming conservative mindset.  He made a point that most who watch Foxnews probably don’t read news magazines.  I have to agree with that too.  Even though I disagree with a lot that goes into National Review and Reason, they often make strong arguments and they’re known for high quality writing.

Brainwashed Rough #2

This was the first idea and it just didn’t click for me.  I felt it could be a little crazier.  I wanted it funnier.

Brainwashed rough #3

This is the second rough I drew.  I went off in a different direction since I wasn’t satisfied with the first attempt.  But again, it need to be better.  I also wasn’t sure about the Kool Aid thing.  Maybe “drinking the Kool Aid” isn’t universal enough for a cartoon.

Brainswashed rough #4

I tried again with the Kool Aid thing.  There’s always something funny about the Kool Aid guy bursting into a room screaming “Oh yeah”, even if it is stupid.  I laughed at the idea of Rush Limbaugh being the huge Kool Aid guy.  I had an inside joke interest with a friend of mine regarding Kool Aid, but that’s not enough for a cartoon the rest of you have to read.  But she would have laughed.

After I drew the second Kool Aid rough I went back to the first idea and make it zanier and I liked it from there.  While I think it’s good, I think I can do better this week.  I have to keep thinking outside the box.