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Election Night Live Blog Post #9

Live Blog #9

The GOP’s taking the House.  Their roll ends at the State Of The Union address when the incoming crop of stupid freshmen boo the president.  At the point the country turns sour on the GOP.  The House leadership says it’ll control their members unlike ’94 when Gingrich took over…but you can’t keep that many incoming, Republican, freshmen from saying something utterly stupid and catastrophic.

This means four more years for Obama.  In 2012, the GOP won’t lose the House, but they’ll lose seats and the bleeding will continue until they lose it again.

Hey, it’s systematic.  It happens all the time.  I don’t need a crystal ball.


  • TPKeller

    Kinda like when Obama dressed down the Supreme Court for upholding the First Amendment? That WAS a pretty big gaffe…

  • Clay

    Yeah, it’s always a gaffe when you’re right. Look how much anonymous money was spent in this year’s election.

  • TPKeller

    More by unions than anyone else…