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I’m Not An Idiot

I'm Not An Idiot

I’m sure none of them are lying.  OK, the teabag people may not “all” be idiots, but why are you positioning yourself to look like one?  Not only are you complaining about taxes after they were reduced, complaining about Obama spending money but not Bush, supporting candidates who obviously  needed major assistance filling out the qualifying candidacy paperwork…but you’re standing beside these people.

Let’s add up a few dumb things the Teabag people have done lately:

In Alaska, where they need federal funding, they’ve nominated a guy who’s promising to end government handouts.

In Delaware, they had a GOP candidate who was polled to beat the Democrat…and they nominate a witch.

In New York they nominate a homophobe who likes to send emails of beastiality as their candidate for governor.  He also has this idea where we can house poor people in prisons.

In Ohio they nominate a congressional candidate who likes to wear swastikas but it’s OK, he’s bonding with his son.

In South Dakota, they nominate a Congressional candidate with over 30 tickets for her driving and multiple arrests for skipping court.

They nominate a candidate for Senate in Nevada against abortion which is understandable…but even in the case of rape and incest.  She says when she’s counseled youth against getting an abortion (and having that incest baby) they turned lemons into lemonade.

They nominated a  congressional candidate in Delaware who says anyone who believes in the separation of church and state is a Nazi (what is it with Delaware?….and Nazis?).

A congressman in Arizona who says Obama is an enemy of humanity.

Not to mention Rand Paul of Kentucky or that they actually pay Sarah Palin to hear her thoughts.

I didn’t show this cartoon to my editor for us to put in the print edition.  Hey, I’m not an idiot.

OK….hit me with the angry comments.

I'm Not An Idiot


  • Larry

    Great cartoon!

    The fact that these people actually have some traction in American politics is either a sign of the apocalypse or simply our rapid decline as a society.

  • Hartwood

    I’ve said that all along, where the heck were they the last 8 years.

  • cschulin

    “Not only are you complaining about taxes after they were reduced, complaining about Obama spending money but not Bush”

    I think the real complaint shouldn’t be about high taxes, though that is related, but more about the way the feds spend the tax money. People see a ever-enlarging federal governmental bureaucracy, coupled with already wasteful spending, poorly run entitlement programs, a public education system that continues to fail in a lot of places regardless of the amount of money thrown at it, etc. etc. and they get pissed at government officials regardless of the D or the R after their name.

    And for all the “where were you during bush” folks, I would have to argue that the seeds for the tea party were definitely planted during the bush years, particularly near the end with the passage of TARP. The grumbling turned into increasingly vocal discourse as Obama came along and proceeded to go into overdrive on spending that included an ineffective trillion dollar stimulus package and sign into law healthcare legislation, much needed I admit, but still one that didn’t look at all the ways possible to do it and that is going to increase rates for all of us no matter how many empty promises Obama or congress once told us.

  • Jeff

    The Tea party movement began while Bush was still in office. Its significant rise began under Obama when he added 33% to the federal debt in just 18 months. Democrats have historically been resistant to what was going on in America, beginning with the abolition of slavery , continuing on to desegregation and the civil rights movement and presently raising taxes and force-feeding health-care that will costs the majority of the middle class 200% or more than they already pay for health-care.