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Dr. Laura

Dr. Laura

I’ve heard white people make this argument for a long time and countering someone is what gave me the idea to do a cartoon on it.

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Dr. Laura’s rant and quite frankly I’m shocked….it took this many years for her to screw herself.

Dr. Laura is saying her first amendment rights are being taken away which means MY first amendment rights have never been given to me since nobody’s ever offered me a radio show.  What’s up with that?

As if this isn’t ridiculous enough, here comes Sarah Palin to defend Dr. Laura and her use of the N-word.   Rahm Emanuel angered Palin a few months back for using the word “retard” (which is a no-n0) but I’m glad saying the N-word 11 times within five minutes is acceptable for the ex governor.

Dr. Laura


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  • cschulin

    Why does anyone need to say it?

  • Jerkules

    It does give shows like the Chapelle Show an extra spice to use in their comedy that shows like 2 and a Half Men really can’t.

    Personally I’d like to see any form of offensive word become so wide spread it loses any hurtful meaning. But that’s not the way it goes. And I’m definitely not going to be the one to try on this particular word.