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Ground Zero Mosque

Ground Zero Mosque

I think I made myself clear a week or so ago on where I stand on the mosque “close” to Ground Zero.  I don’t think it’s a big deal.  So there’s a place of worship two blocks from the site.  If anything, it can be a sort of monument for Muslims who are opposed to the extremists who share their religion.  It’s also a testament to the religious freedom we have in this country.

Obama shouldn’t have weighed in.  He hasn’t fared well yet politically anytime he’s gotten involved with a local dispute.  All he had to say was that we had the freedom in this country to allow it and that’s enough to send Republicans scrambling to use it against their opponents.  It seems most Democrats are running from Obama’s statements also.    I guess in this country, you can’t say we have freedom of religion without being painted as a secret Muslim who was actually born in Kenya.

Obama is either very brave for his statements, or stupid.    Yes, he’s right…but he should have stayed out of it.  I also believe Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich should stay out of it.  They’re not representing New York City.  Congressional candidates from other states should leave it alone.  How does it have anything to do with the job they’re seeking?  Stop using division in politics.  Please.

Years from now we’re going to be studied and historians and readers are going to say “My God, they were stupid and petty”.

We elect our first black president and everyone pretty much freaks out.

Ground Zero Mosque

Here’s the rough.

Ground Zero Mosque Rough

I was originally trying to be funnier.  So I came up with the rough below but pretty much killed it myself.  I just didn’t think it got to the point.  Plus, I was in a mood today that was killing my ability to tell what was and wasn’t funny.

Ground Zero Mosque Rough II


  • cschulin

    Wow, you are obsessed. You go from commentary about why Obama should not address a local issue to “We elect our first black president and everyone pretty much freaks out.” It starting to seem like all you guys on the left have left in the tank when it comes time to being a presidential apologist is either ‘you don’t like him because he’s black’ or ‘it’s bush’s fault.’

    I’m not all that convinced this really is just a local issue. We as a nation were all affected by the attacks on 9/11. Of course the citizens of the New York were by far the most impacted, but americans across the US felt this as an attack against our society and way of life in the name of a particular religion.

    I think Obama was right to comment on this issue. He, as most agree, was right in that they have a legal right to build their mosque on private property. He was wrong, however, in not saying it will be an affront to many, many americans and will likely cause further distrust and division between non-Muslim and Muslim americans.

  • cschulin

    oh, and I’m surprised you didn’t squeeze the tea party in there somehow.

  • cjones

    We’re not letting Nazi’s build a monument on American soil. We’re not letting Imperial Japanese build a monument next to Pearl Harbor. We’re not letting al Qaida build a mosque next to Ground Zero.
    Blaming Islam for 9/11 is the equivalent for blaming Christianity for the Crusades, or the bombings of abortion clinics, or for Oklahoma City bombing.

    It’s in the extremist of religions in Muslim countries where they don’t allow churches, synagogues, or even moderate mosques to be built. We’re a nation of freedom.

  • cschulin

    I’m not saying they shouldn’t be allowed to build a church there. Nor am I saying Islam is at fault for what happened on 9/11. But it was religious extremists of that faith who carried out the deed in the name of it, and it seems that those building this place could have chosen a less provocative place.

    btw, This statement “Blaming Islam for 9/11 is the equivalent for blaming Christianity for…or the bombings of abortion clinics” is kind of ironic given your earlier piece titled Ground Zero.

  • msampson

    One of the main points in Obama’s statement was that the foundation of this nation was upon our Consitution, which includes the freedom of religion.
    I know that people understand this, but according to certain statements, all Muslims are apparently being considered as part of Al-Qaeda, which is not true.
    After 9/11 and the way that the media began to represent Muslims and Islam, my curiosity led me to learn more about the message of Islam and whether or not it actually was the cause for the actions of those terrorists. And I realized the media is wrong for believing Islam advocate terrorism. The families of the victims are wrong for believing that Muslims have killed their loved ones (may peace be with them).
    As a matter of fact, Islam is one of the most peaceful religions I have ever learned about. To such a point where even looking at another with slight anger is a sin, and a person who commits suicide or kills another will forever burn in Hell.
    Blaming Muslims for 9/11 is like blaming ALL Christians for the violent deeds of the Klu Klux Klan (which they aren’t resp. for). It is like blaming ALL Germans for the murderous torture of Jews (not true). It is like blaming ALL whites for the violence and murder of blacks during the post civil war years (not true also). I know in the heat of the moment people want to blame Muslims just to have someone to blame, but the truth of the matter is, years down the road, we will realize we have made a BIG mistake.
    You want to know the truth? The truth is Al Qaida may have killed a few thousand Americans (which included few Muslims too), BUT THEY HAVE MURDERED HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS MORE MUSLIMSSS! So how can you associate Islam and Al Qaida together when their primary target are the Muslims?

  • cschulin

    msampson, you are right. Muslims, the vast majority, do not agree with al qaida and the militant form of wahhabism they are influenced by. All the more reason for this vast majority of moderate, peace-loving Muslims, everywhere, to understand that putting a mosque so close to Ground Zero in New York is going to be upsetting to many. Why do it? Why drive that wedge between Muslims and non-Muslims in even deeper when the simple solution is not to build it so close to that location and on a property without any links to the events on 9/11.


    Both of u guys r right about the fact that Muslims are peace-loving people. And the rest of the world needs to realize this too. So wouldn’t u agree that building a mosque near ground zero will be a huge step in bring the muslims and non-mulsims together? If i am right, one of the claims for y the mosque shouldn’t be built ON ground zero is because ppl don’t want AL-qaida right next to the place where the tragic events occured almost nine years ago. WHAT AN INSULT TO MUSLIMS! cschulin and msampson i am glad u both agree that al-qaida does not represent muslims and that they r the complete opposites. as a matter of fact, they cant even be called muslims and even though they claim they do, they will find out in the afterlife when they are punished by Allah for what they did, and even more for saying they did it for Islam because that is just not RIGHT! msampson, u brought up an excellent point. They have killed more Muslims than any other group. in Pakistan, in Iraq, Mulim majority countries ppl are afraid to go out in fear of their lives. Please spread it along that Muslims are innocent, and as a Muslim, I am HURT at the debates and the hatred toward this mosque. I beg of you, please stop tormenting us any further. back in our native coutries, we are afraid to go back for the violence against muslims there. we felt safe here, despite a racist or ethnic comment directed at us here and there. but now with this… all i have to say is we r not responsible so stop punishing us.


    and cjones, it isn’t right to let the Imperial Japanese to build a monument at Pearl Harbor because the GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN took part in that act. the Nazi’s can;t build a monument on American soil (although r u serious?? y would nazi’s want to do that on American soil) because their primary target were the helpless Jews (and I salute those Jews for the hardhips they faced). They only targetes Jews, they harassed, tortured, and then killed them. Al Qaida has not targeted Americans-it has just targeted everybody so u can’t compare them to the nazi’s. U cant compare them to the Japanese because the Pearl Harbor attack was directed by the government. Al-Qaida (in case u have not realized yet or just don’t have enough knowlege about them) is just a network of terrorists (and no-i will not say muslim terrorists because as a muslim i do NOT assocaite them as the same). An “underground” netwrok of terrorists cannot be compared to a government. And your ignorance just shows in what u said abt Al-Qaida being next to Ground Zero. Instead of free lancing here and there and making pictures blindly, go learn who the Muslims are and what they represent and then judge for yourself whether or not they are a relgion of terrorists. Please sir, get your facts straight. It is people like you who get to have their blog pages and unfortuantely people tend to beleive what they see so please stop passing false information. Muslims are Muslims, Al-Qaida is Al-Qaida and the two are entirely different groups. They are as different as black and white, as summer and winter, and as love and hate.

  • Bahtiyar

    I fully agree with SKAID.Right, Muslims are not responsible for Al Qaeda’s awful deeds, because they do not have anything common with them. Al Qaeda is just a big international organization of killers, suiciders, terrorists, etc. And they do not have any right to be called Muslims, because a word ISLAM is translated from Arab language as PEACE.
    PS. please be tolerant to each other.

  • cjones

    skaid, I think you missed my point but that’s OK.
    P.S. I’m not a freelancer.

  • msampson

    People are protesting outside of the mosque and holding up signs like “All I Needed to Know About Islam-I Learned on 9/11.” What do you guys think about that?
    I think that people want someone to blame and someone or some group to take out this particular anger out on. Since the terrorists who committed these deeds killed themselves, they don’t see anyone in particular suffering from these consequences. So they want to pinpoint the Muslims just to give themselves closure-that they are getting revenge somehow. But people- you are getting revenge from the wrong people. If the US government is so strong and powerful, how come they have not been able to capture Al-Qaida? Why are they not doing everything in their power to stop them? I admit, they are strong, but just how strong can they be against the United States of America-with so many past succeses!

  • skaid

    cjones, please explain your point then. I may be mistaken, so please go ahead and tell me how. i am just human, i may have interpreted wrong and u have the right to clarify your point =)

  • cjones
  • sierra

    Hey I have a question. How many Christian churches are in Oklahoma city-where the Christian Timothy Mcvay engaged in terrorist activities?

  • msampson

    You know who should be blamed for this? The Bush administration. They KNEW Al-Qaida was plotting an attack. They KNEW it was in the near future. And when Bush was told, he just sat back and probably thought, “Well it took them long…” To those Americans who hate (yes HATE) Muslims because they want to blame someone, blame the Bush administration because that monkey has thrown this country to the dogs before he stepped down. As a President, he was supposed to protect us. But he did not uphold the oath he made on his inauguration.

  • msampson

    Good Question Sierra…hmmm i’m not really sure but that’s food for thought.

  • msampson

    I believe there are as many churches there as there would be in any other city-shocking isn’t it? You would think the American people would put up a protest there. If I were a Muslim and if this was 100% accurate, then I would be devastated.