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Muvico’s Confederate Flag


It annoys me when people want to use the Confederate/Rebel flag to express their “heritage” or “Southern pride” despite it being offensive to a lot of Americans.  Sorry, defenders, but your banner has been co-opted by hate groups.  I’d let it go.

On that note, it also annoys me to get upset over EVERYTHING and the politically correct police have to wade in.  There’s still a history lesson to learn here and you can’t erase the ugly parts.  Muvico’s theme for their lounge or whatever was on the Civil War.  There’s an American flag on the mural along with the Confederate flag.  Just one problem…the battle flag used WAS NOT the flag of the Confederacy.  I think Muvico should have used the flag…or one of them…adopted as the official flag of the Conderate State of America, and gone with it.  Of course a lot of people would have gone “huh?”.


  • Billy Bearden

    Hey Muvico folks!

    Put the Confederate Flag half of the mural back up ASAP!
    Here is a reason to counter the indiot complainers -

    Are you offended by Mt Rushmore? You know Obama wants to blast it to smithereens because it was carved by a Klansman named Borglum

  • Billy Bearden

    Actually the mural looks very similar to the State Shield of Alabama

  • Clint Johnson

    Why does the press and other critics always claim that the Confederate battle flag has been “co-opted by hate groups”? How many Klansman and skinheads are walking the streets of any town’s streets today? When they rally, rarely are there more than a dozen. The last Klan murder, according to the FBI, was more than 20 years ago. There are hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of ethnic gang members compared to a few hundred Klansman in the entire nation -yet the all-but-mythical “hate group” looms larger in the minds of critics of the Confederate battle flag.

  • C.W. Roden

    Just because some white-sheet wearing morons misuse the Confederate flag does not make it a symbol of hate.
    Groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy and its members, who are made up of direct descendants of Confederate soldiers, white, black, Hispanic, Jewish and Native American honor the real meaning of that flag and are the ONLY people who have a right to define what it means.
    Hate groups who misuse it and the PC police who continue to attack it have no more right to say the flag is a symbol of racism than a Islamic terrorist has to define the Star of David a symbol of bigotry.

  • Richard

    If you will pay a little attention to what is going on around you, you will see that it is not just the flag. It is everything Confederate. The UDC had to file suit to keep Vanderbuilt from removing the word Confederate from a building donated to the university by the group; Silent Sam, a monument at UNC is constantly under attack from people wanting it removed because they are “offended”; George Bush took down a plaque in a Texas office building which provided information as to where the money came from to build the building. This list goes on and on. It’s not the flag, it is about the elimination of all things Confederate. And when that happens, guess who is next. Christian symbols are on deck-get ready.

  • Snaggle-Tooth Jones

    It apprarently escapes Mr. Jones’ notice that the Klan and other hate groups are just as likely to us the Stars and Stripes at their rallies as they are the Confederate battle flag. Has the American flag therefore been “co-opted by hate groups?”

  • J in Augusta

    Mr. Jones,

    How in the H*LL does this–a corporation decorating a lounge to the theme of the Battle of Fredericksburg–constitute a “heritage” or “Southern pride” issue for die-hard flag-wavers? There are no “heritage” or “pride” groups here–just a national corporation who hired a local muralist to decorate their lounge to the theme of the history of Fredericksburg. (Ironically enough, taking it down will likely attract the groups you label as haters, but they didn’t have a dog in this fight to begin with.)

    So, Mr. Jones, since it doesn’t in any way/shape/form, then why the gratuitous slap at Southerners at the outset in your post? Can’t you damn Yanks ever ever ever discuss Dixie matters without taking a below-the-belt swipe at the South–just for the h*ll of it?

    Or are you just saying to the PC police you are ostensibly chiding here: “Now, I hate Confederate flag supporters as much as the next guy, but…” Because you know as well as everyone that to even *think* anything evil of the PC crowd can get you labeled a racist, a supremacist, or a [yawn] whatever.

    So, since you DARED disagree with the PC folks on this, you just thought it would be best to begin by *first* making a throw-away comment about how Confederate=Hate, just so that they are clear that *GASP* you aren’t supporting a Confederate flag issue per se…is that it?

  • Harold Crews

    There is something in that cartoon that is offensive, but it isn’t the Confederate portion. It would be that portion that resembles the US flag. Once your body count numbers in the millions any sort of moral pretension is laughable. Whenever I see the US flag the first thing that comes to mind is war, tyranny and death. Considering the genocide; slavery; mass murder; aggressive wars; ethnic cleansing; use of weapons of mass destruction (atomic, depleted uranium and chemical); medical experimentation on unknowing/unwilling subjects; suspensions of civil liberties; torture; mass detentions; and etc Americans have absolutely no right whatsoever to criticise anything Confederate. Bunch of hypocrites.