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Draw Muhammad!!!

Draw Muhammad!!!

I’m torn on this issue.  On one hand you have people telling exteme Islamists that they can’t scare us with their threats so we’re going to say what they don’t want us to say.  Of course what we say is extremely offensive to them in addition to being offensive to many in Islam who don’t want to hurt anybody.

To take part in this campaign you’re joining a mob mentality to insult an entire religion.  It’s picking a fight.  It also gives the Islam world another reason to dislike us.  Intentionally agitating someone does that.

Another aspect is that the people who actually want to do this with good intentions are going to be joined by those who will draw something that’s pornographic, disgusting or some other form of insult to add to the insult….ya know, like something racist.

I don’t mind offending someone if the statement I’m making is something I believe in.  I’m not (despite popular perception) going to offend just because I can do it.  I understand the intentions of the “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” campaign…but too much offense just to offend is going to be involved.  The message is going to be lost.

By the way:  This cartoon isn’t running in the paper.  My editor didn’t think it worked and his first thought was that it was just an insult to Catholics cartoon.  I believed in it so I drew it anyway.


  • cschulin

    Now you’ve done it. I heard some catholic bishop just issued a fatwa calling for your death.

  • Nikky

    I’m taking part in this. To hell with muslims and their feelings. They can’t scare me.

  • Hal Bailey

    proposed cartoon comment for April 28 edit cartoon


  • MGWORK (Marty)

    SO, how does one picture reality; the good, the bad, and the ugly? With all the editors at the FLS, who’s the most likely to have their heads buried in the sands of political correctness?

  • the freedom to offend

    Muhammad: *~@):~{>

  • Aaron Worthing

    First off, i am still doing it, and you can read my mission statement, here:

    from there if you want to submit a cartoon, i welcome it. no talent needed. seriously, we have been posting works of art and cruddy stick figures.

    As for the concern that we are offending good muslims. First, i find it an odd theory of freedom of speech when we say we shouldn’t really excercise it too much or else people won’t support it anymore.

    Second, this crud has been going on about 2/3 of my life, starting with Salmon Rushdie. When and how is it going to end? Are they going to keep pushing us around forever. i mean your cartoon is hilariously deluded. Christians are far more tolerant of insults to their gods than anyone else, even when its our tax dollars paying for it.

    So you don’t like everyone draw mohammed day because it will offend good muslilms. fair enough. so what do you propose as an alternative. because if you don’t present an alternative, then what you are really saying is we should roll over and take it.

    I for one don’t consider that a viable option.