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I came into the office Tuesday morning with an email from my editor, who’s conservative, asking what I thought about the Bob McDonnell Faux Pas, as if I should do a toon on it.  

Here’s what happened.  McDonnell said the F-BOMB when he meant to say "funding".

My first reaction was:  So what?  It’s no big deal.  That’s still my reaction.  I remember once in fifth grade I was living with my aunt and uncle because my mom wasn’t around…and one day I was telling my aunt, my sister and a couple of female cousins how I wanted this prime seat in class, which you got by test scores….and when I said "seat" I accidentally said "sh*t".  I was so embarrassed and they laughed really hard at it (and these were bible thumping, literally…they thumped bibles, Baptists).  So I figure, if a fifth grader can do a faux pas then why not a candidate for governor?

But I did this cartoon just because a Republican dropping an F-bomb is pretty #@%?>!!!*** funny.

My editor, however, said "what does this tell you about a guy who would let that slip?  I’m thinking…"…uh, he’s human?".  But editor actually had a slight issue with it….then my editor told me a dirty joke.  OK…by  his standards it was dirty.  For my standards it was corny and the only dirt in it was the word "breast", plus I heard it years ago but laughed anyway as if it was the first time…and I got out of the office before he could tell me another one.

Another funny about this issue:  McDonnell’s campaign is all "of course it was a faux pas…we know Bob doesn’t use that kind of language".  Yeah, right.  Is there anyone who doesn’t drop an F-bomb intentionally everday?  If there is, I don’t know that person (of course I work in a new room so maybe everyone in the real world refrains from that sort of language).  Creigh Deeds responded with:  we know it’s a faux pas because we take him at his word.  Idiot. 

Yo, Deeds.  What you should have said was "we’re not concerned with what he unintentionally says, but with what he intenionally says like stuff against abortion, women in general, homosexuals in general, anyone living in this century with a rational mind in general, etc, etc."

On that note:  I’m out of here.  I’m driving to New England tomorrow to pick up a drummer and his drum kit.  Our album comes out Saturday.  We’re playing Friday and Saturday night which is our CD release party.  You’re unaware?  It’s huge.  Go to the band’s site, Corporate T-Shirt, and you’ll get the dirt on the best raw, punk, garge band with hooks and melodies on the East coast.  

Would I lie to you?

I’ll be back next Thursday.