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No Offense


I like combining issues.  I didn’t see Obama on Leno (haven’t seen Leno in years), but I read the interview and as soon as I came across the line about "Special Olympics", I thought "you’re in trouble".  There really hasn’t been much made of it.  Obama was smart to apologize before people had time to get upset, and the fact he’s not a Republican is on his side.  If Dick Cheney had made that crack, well…nobody would do anything because everyone’s afraid of Dick Cheney, and we also wouldn’t be able to find him.  But you get my point.

Dodd is an idiot or a criminal.  He had a chance to block the AIG bonuses but he didn’t.  He’s a recipient of huge donations from these insurance companies and a bunch of them are located in his state (that would be Conneticut, in case you’re not informed).  Dodd’s Senate career may be coming to an end.