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Caption Contest #6

caption contest #6

This one is a bit more challenging for you.  Not only do you have to come up with a caption, you also have to decide who is doing the asking on Santa’s lap.  Why this Santa lap cartoon?  Because using Santa’s lap is one of the most lame cliches to use in an editorial cartoon (i’ve committed this offense in the past too).  There’s been about a dozen of them so far this year.  I figure why should i have all the fun lashing back at cartoonists, I’ll let my readers take a stab also.

The usual rules apply.  DO NOT put your caption in the comment section.  Email your caption to (that’s me).  DO include your name and address.  Your deadline is noonish this Friday.  Take your best shot.

Blog issues

Sorry this is the first blog since last Thursday.  I’ve had serious issues with the hosting of the files so I haven’t blogged while waiting for that to be resolved.  It’s still not resolved but I was able to squeeze a few files on the site (actually it just worked so I’m really confused).  We have some catching up to do.

Here’s last Friday’s cartoon.


I enjoyed this one.  I live in an apartment complex and after midnight the vultures come out disguised as tow truck drivers.  They really can jack a car in about 45 seconds.  After sneaking off with a car parked in a non-guest spot without a sticker, they roar down the street as fast as they can.  What stinks for me is I don’t have a sticker.  The complex only gives one out per apartment and Sarah snagged it.  When I get home every night I have to drive around the place trying to find a guest spot, even though I’m paying all the rent.  If my car gets towed I’m going to be a very upset cartoonist.

Here’s Sunday’s toon.


Eric Cantor was for bailing out Wall Street but not the auto industry.  In our congressman’s eyes, fat cats need bailouts, assembly line workers can go suck a lemon.  Thanks, Eric.  I wonder what kind of car he drives.

Here’s Tuesday’s cartoon.


How could I not do a shoe cartoon?  We actually received a letter that accused me of being racist for saying throwing a black man at the president is an insult.  NOOOOO….it insults him to throw a Democrat at him, which is what the voters did last month.  Anyway, I find the entire thing kinda stupid.  He’s a journalist?  I thought those covering a president were supposed to be impartial.  His lawyer says he was expressing himself and it’s protected by internation law.  Well, Mr. Iraqi lawyer, what if someone expressed themselves by sticking a foot up your butt…would that be protected under international law?  I’m not one of those "Hell Yeah Bush deserved it" guys.  Yes, he’s a lousy president but he’s OUR president.  I don’t want our president, who represents us, to be physically attacked…even if it’s just a shoe.  I feel this guy isn’t just attacking Bush, he’s attacking our country.  But if he really wanted to hurt Bush then he should have thrown a pretzel at him.

Wednesday’s toon.


See?  I don’t like Bush.  I am gonna miss him though.  I couldn’t find the word "vindicate".  It was on the tip of my tongue and I couldn’t figure out the right word.  I pestered three editors over this until Nancy Moore came through with something which made me think of "vindicate".    Do you have days like that?  No?  Just me? 


My band is playing Saturday night.  Ya wanna go?  Email me and I’ll tell you all the juicy details.  Bring earplugs…we’re loud.