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Caption Contest #5 Winner

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Here’s this week’s caption winner.

Caption Contest #5 Winner

The winning entry was submitted by Paul Barlow of Fredericksburg. 

Other notable entries were:

"Bill, I’ll need your help with this balancing act!"  submitted all the from Clarksville, TN by Jo Violette.

My personal favorite (my two judges disagreed) was submitted by Otis Rogers of Fredericksburg which was:  "Bill, with all the problems in the world, WHY is Clay Jones always picking on ME?". 

Here’s today’s cartoon.


Clowns are scary.  I personally thought this cartoon was lame but it wasn’t as lame as the cartoon my editor killed before it.  I think I was in a lame mood yesterday.  The only thing that really saved me was listening to AC/DC while drawing this.  Anyway, I got several compliments on it so what do I know?

Here’s yesterday’s cartoon (no blog yesterday because I was in scramble mode again).


$47.1 million for the new courthouse which is needed because the old ones don’t provide adequate security.  Hey, you never know when al-Qaida will strike.