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Caption Contest Winner #4

I am soooooooooooo sorry to post this late in the day on a Friday.  I had technical problems with our blog system.  Here is our winner for this week’s caption contest.

Caption Contest #4 Winner

Our winner is Jessica Sullivan from Fredericksburg who wins the original drawing with her caption inked in (actually, it’s inked on another sheet of paper then pasted onto the cartoon as there were almost too many words).

Other notables were:

"I think I need more rubber" by Thirasit Insisiengmay of Stafford.

"I wonder if I can float to Japan in this thing?" from Forrest Clift of Holland, Michigan.

"What do you mean ‘hoisted by my own petard’" by Tony Fry of Fredericksburg.

I thought it was cool to receive submissions from the city, Stafford, Spotsy, King George, Caroline and Colonial Beach.  Now they’re coming in from Reva, VA, Clarksville, Tennesse and Michigan.  Cool!

Another comment came all the way from New York by my friend and fellow cartoonist Matt Davies who said "It looks like I’m in a pickle" because he thought my tire looked like a pickle.  Yeah, I disqualified that one.  I think I’m going to enact a rule that disqualifies sarcastic Pulitzer winners from entering.

Here’s today’s cartoon.

Secretary of State