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4-year-old packin’

I was asked over the weekend if I’d draw on this issue.  A few people were amazed by it and wanted to see me cover it.  Here ya’ go!  I went through a few other drafts for this cartoon before we went with the final version.  The first one I really liked but my editor wasn’t comfortable with it.  I had a few drafts after that but none really seemed to do it for me.  Finally, I drew this.  I liked the first idea the most but this will do.  I hate days like that.

I should have moved the kids left leg in a bit more to emphasize the holster.  I’m not real happy with the cartoon.

More Global Warming toons

As I said yesterday, every year I see a bunch of cartoons disputing global warming.  As soon as the weather turns cold the cartoons show up.  I saw one yesterday and posted it (scroll down) and today another popped up which is drawn by Terry Wise.