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Forgit Wittman

It’s almost 2:00 PM and not only do I not have an idea yet, I don’t know what subject I’m gonna draw on.  So I’ll post today’s blog which will further my procrastination.

Can you imagine how many word plays I can get out of “Forgit”?  Voters in the first district are going to have to suffer through a congressional race, only to turn around to suffer through another congressional race next year.  Fun.  Fun.

With this many words typos were made.  I misspelled “Forgit”  once and “Wittman” about seven times.  I kept adding an extra “N” or forgetting a “T”.  White-Out to the rescue.  Here’s the rough.

ThanksXmas Toons

Here’s a couple I found today.  I’m getting tired of the cartoons that are combining both holidays saying Xmas is crowding out Thanksgiving.  That seems to be a popular topic.  Sandy Huffaker went so far to use the Easter Bunny.  Steve Kelley has Santa crowding the turkey out on a bar fly.

OK.  Time to get to work on my own toon.  I will attempt not to draw a turkey clause toon.