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Tease for Wednesday

When I draw something sometimes I’m not sure if it looks good.  Then I  hold the paper up toward the light and sometimes still can’t tell if it looks good.  Then I turn it around and hold it up to the light and it seems very different, more like it’ll appear in the newspaper.  I used to put my freshly made toon on a shelf and walk ten feet away to see how it’d look from a distance.  Now I just reduce them and then it can start to look cool.  But I’m not really going to know how well it looks until I see it online and in the newspaper.  Tomorrow’s toons is one of those.  I’m not sure if the art works.  I’ll find out tomorrow.


  • paradigms

    …be treated to something on the lunar eclipse next week? I can just see Bush claiming we can’t find the WMD because the terrorists turned off the moon?