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Three toons for today

I was busy yesterday.  I had some extra time before heading out to get a pizza with my son so I drew.  The first one here is for today’s edition of The Free Lance-Star.

In the rough I had the guy on the screen looking more like a punk rocker.  I was talking to Ed Hall and he said I should make him look like a frat guy in a toga.  I liked that idea.  I should have made the tossed TP in the background burning.  Ed is my go to specialist on everything involving keg stands.

In the rough for this I only had Alberto and Lindsay.  Then I thought, let’s draw all three of those goobers.  I wondered what would each of personal monitors need to monitor?  Well, Alberto is a liar, Cheney is evil and Bush avoids reality.  Wa-la!  I don’t like my Cheney here.  I should have worked on him longer.

Number three.  I started this a few days ago when I read a story about Weekly World News dying off.  That’s kinda sad.  I’ve always enjoyed reading about Bat Boy, Elvis and aliens while I’m waiting in the check out line.  Of course, I never bought a copy so maybe that’s why they’re closing shop.

I wasn’t sure if this cartoon actually worked because there’s so much lettering going on, which was a huge pain in the butt.