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A big day of roundups

I’ve cartooned so much this week, I can’t even spell right.  There were some typos that were corrected…and one too late for the newspaper.  Fortunately, I’ll save my blog readers the indignity of reading a mistake.  I’ll explain along the way…but first, a few things.

Hate mail of the week

I love this.  Here’s the entire letter, briefly edited.  You can use your imagination.

“The liberal virginia hemorrhoid has emerged from a ***hole again, you still stink.”


I’m not sure which cartoon generated that letter, as he got the date wrong in his subject line, but I’m pretty sure it was over one of the Falwell toons.


The Falwells


Here we go.  This first toon ran in today’s edition on the op-ed page.  Originally, I think my editor hated it the most out of the mini Falwell collection he was presented.  But he found it went well with a column. 


I had to correct the year on this toon.  See, I put “1984″ because that’s when Falwell initially sued Flynt.  But the case was heard by the Supreme Court in ’87 and decided in ’88.  The incorrect one made the Creators site but I sent them an email to change it and save me from embarrassment.

Side Note:  I met Larry Flynt a few years ago.  I’m still washing my hands.


Is this offensive?  My editor liked it but didn’t want it to represent the page.  No harm there.  He made several suggestions for it which I took.  It’s probably the one which generated that ***hole letter.


I liked this one.  It’s strong.  Why did I draw so many Falwell toons?  I usually hate covering the same issue over and over, especially an obit toon, but this was a special occasion.  Besides, I want to draw the toons to submit into the AAEC’s annual Golden Spike Awards.

OK.  This toon was only roughed out.  I saw the same thing drawn a couple times and figured the world didn’t need another Falwell/Twinky Winky cartoon.


Here’s the toon which ran in today’s paper, but with a typo.  I put a “Z” at the end of Gonzales’ name.

And here’s one just for my syndicate.  It was pointed out to me that this toon is unfair, and I agree with that.  Prince Harry chose to enlist and it’s not like we have a draft.  But I’m not worried about being fair.  Despite a lot of people thinking otherwise, cartoons don’t have to be fair.  Hell, that’s why I got in this business.

Everybody have a good weekend.  I have a HUGE weekend planned.  My best buddy is holding his annual crawfish party which means I get to eat crawfish, oysters and make my gumbo.  The other cool thing happening this weekend is my son is coming to town for the Summer.  I bought a new bed for him last night, sheets, comforter, pillow case, etc.  I just hope he doesn’t notice the dog slept on it last night.