It simply blows my mind that Danny Gatton was from Washington, D.C. I feel like kids growing up around there should have been wearing t-shirts with his face on them, or marching in parades honoring his left hand. That influence should have slipped down here, where old men in barbershops ought to be arguing the relative merits of Jimi vs. Danny. Alas, he came, he rocked, and he died in 1994. His technique was overwhelming, but he never managed to cause a musical evolution or revolution. Hell, this set opens with “Mustang Sally,” an insipid power-blues song that was soul kryptonite, even then. Still, Gatton shreds.

7 p.m.
“Mustang Sally >Medley” by The Danny Gatton Band

Gotta love the strange cameo by Marion Barry. Classic Barry.