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Unless you are a resident of the Town of Mineral, VA, you will have to buy a ticket to see country superstar Alan Jackson play live in the Louisa County High School parking lot Sunday May 20 at 5 p.m.

They are on sale through Ticketfly.

Now that the nuts and bolts are out of the way, a comment:

Nervy. You might have noticed that the cheapest general admission ticket you can buy will set you back $49.97. That’s pretty expensive, even for Alan Jackson. The cheapest ticket to see AJ in August at Wolftrap–perhaps the best outdoor concert venue in the country–is $39.75. The Louisa ticket is particularly expensive if you consider that this was a “free concert” won in an Internet contest sponsored by eventful.com.

But it looks like Jackson and his record company, Capitol Records, are playing it by the letter of the law here. Mineral is a tiny town, and only (about) 450 people will get into the show for free. Seems like a bit of a hose job considering the second-place city in the contest was Kansas City, population 510,245. I’m not sure they would have gotten away with a free concert for fewer than 500 in a city that size.

Instead, the show is in Mineral. Oh wait. It’s actually in Louisa. But you have to be a Mineral resident to get a free ticket. Mineral residents can pick them up at the Mineral Municipal Building.

The way this is set up, Jackson and Capitol Records will put on an event that could generate at least $233,750 if it sells out at the lowest ticket price. The event is being planned for a maximum crowd of 6,000.

According to Mineral Mayor Pam Harlowe, Jackson’s team estimates it will cost about $200,000 to produce the show. That might not leave much left over for a concert that purports to be a fundraiser for the Louisa Education Foundation. Proceeds are supposed to go toward repairing the schools that were damaged in the August earthquake.