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Dudenhefer: My work is complete

My colleague Robyn Sidersky wrote about the results in the 2nd District House of Delegates seat here. Del. Mark Dudenhefer — who served one and a half terms on the Stafford Board of Supervisors before holding state office — lost the seat to Democrat Michael Futrell.

The margin was close with just 223 votes separating the candidates, but Dudenhefer conceded Wednesday.

Today, he posted a message on his Facebook page about future plans:

“Over the last 36 hours I have received more email than I can possibly answer. It has been a humbling experience and I can’t thank you enough. Many have been words of encouragement, other asking what the future hold.

I don’t see me taking an active role in politics again. I know it might be too soon after the election, but it’s hard not to feel that the work I set out to accomplish is complete. I am so proud and appreciative of my family who has sacrificed while I have been on this mission. Kay has been my biggest supporter. She kicked me when I was lazy. I just hope Emily is proud of her dad. I have always put my life in God hands. I think he is now interested in me taking a different course.”

Dudenhefer became passionate about transportation issues and better roads after the death of his daughter in 2004.