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License plates help pay for 189 shelter animals to be spayed/neutered

When you buy a “Pet Friendly” license plate from the DMV, your money helps animals adopted out of Stafford’s Animal Shelter get spayed/neutered–189 animals this year.

Animal Friendly PlateAccording to the DMV website, “after the sale of the first 1,000 qualifying plates, $15 of the $25 fee is transferred to the locality in which the vehicle is registered to support dog and cat sterilization programs.”

State law mandates any animal adopted from an animal shelter must be spayed/neutered, according to a county sheriff’s office press release. The funds that the Animal Control Division receives from the DMV are used to reimburse participating veterinarians who allow for discounts for shelter adoptions. The money is also sometimes used to help citizens with financial need with the cost of spaying/neutering pets, or when citizens bring unwanted litters of animals to the shelter.

Most veterinarians in the county participate, according to the release, including the recently opened Thomas Beath Spay/Neuter Clinic in Stafford and the Kinchloe Clinic in Spotsylvania.

“This partnership between local veterinarians, DMV and the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office Animal Shelter ensures that this worthwhile program is maintained,” Sheriff Charles Jett in the statement.