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Election day goes smoothly in Stafford

You likely read reports and heard first-hand stories of voters across the state standing in lines for hours yesterday, hoping to cast their ballots. Some people turned around. Some stuck it out. (Here are stories about lines and glitches in Spotsylvania, Roanoke, Richmond.)

But from what I heard talking to voters and election officials in Stafford yesterday afternoon, everything seemed to be running smoothly. Here are some ways the registrar’s office had prepared for the 2012 election. The work seems to have paid off.

  • Each precinct had several electronic pollbooks to look up voters’ names and information.
  • Scanners also allowed poll workers to get voters with new drivers licenses and ID cards checked in even faster.
  • Nearly all voters were given paper ballots to bubble in, rather than using the single electronic voting booth — that was reserved for blind and handicapped. The idea was that there’d be fewer problems with the technology, and that voting could go faster.
  • Poll workers ran a mock precinct after going through additional training sessions this year.

“Things are going really well,” Registrar Greg Riddlemoser said late Tuesday afternoon. “We’ve heard from lots of people that they’re really impressed.”

Here’s a past story about the new training and technology the registrar’s office employed this year.

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