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Stafford Airport Unaffected By FAA Issues…So Far

I was curious to know whether the congressional fisticuffs over Federal Aviation Administration funding had affected our own Stafford Regional Airport.

While the airport does rely on federal funding, manager Ed Wallis said that it was basically unaffected by the political showdown that furloughed 4,000 federal workers for two weeks and halted a number of construction projects. As there was nothing under construction at the Stafford facility, there was nothing to be affected.

Wallis said the only change for him during the impasse was that  he “didn’t have the experts I can call.” He said that his Washington District engineer is back at work and able to answer any questions Wallis might have.

But while there was no immediate impact to the airport over the past two weeks (Stafford did add some additional pavement via a federal grant last year), Wallis said there could be an impact next year. The government was not able to collect taxes during the FAA dispute and will not be able to recoup those funds.

“That could hit us next fiscal year,” Wallis said.