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Exodus, Registrar Style

The Stafford County Registrar’s office is a small one as offices go. Aside from the appointed Registrar, there are two and a half employees. The Electoral Board replaced Registrar Sharon Persinger with newcomer Greg Riddlemoser on Tuesday, and the two full-time employees–Jennifer Janis and Anna Ott–were clearly upset by the decision.

They both gave their two-week resignation notice today.

Riddlemoser begins his four-year appointment tomorrow, but will soon be without the institutional knowledge of the office staff. The “half” employee–a part-time worker–has been hired, but has not started working yet.

“My allegiance is with Sharon,” Janis said. “I don’t feel comfortable working under the current Electoral Board. They treated Sharon poorly, and they’ve treated this office as a whole poorly. It has nothing to do with Mr. Riddlemoser.”

Janis said that Riddlemoser asked her and Ott to stay on for 90 days–long enough to work through the Aug 23 primaries. Instead, they decided to give their mandatory 2-week notice.

“What I really wanted to do was get up and walk out when Sharon did,” Janis said. “But I’m bring professional about it.”

I left a message with Riddlemoser, and hope to hear back from him soon.