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The River Is Gonna Get You

Unless you follow this sensible advice from Stafford County: do not swim in the Rappahannock River without a personal flotation device, otherwise known as a life jacket.

Even if you are a strong swimmer, the unpredictable currents and underwater obstacles in the Rappahannock can make for a dangerous or even deadly place. According to a Stafford press release, 85 people have drowned in the Rappahannock since 1972 and the most recent drowning was in 2008.

There are particular concerns with the upcoming holiday weekend, especially since recent rains have swollen the already dangerous river.

So please read this press release about water safety, take it to heart and abide by the recommendations.


  • Rufus`

    I agree that the river is dangerous, and some of the dumbest swimmers drink hooch before an intoxicated swim.

  • Dufus

    Ah gree that long crick is full of scaries, som dem ding dang water traversin’ folk be drinkin’ that water that make mah vision get all fuzzeh before they go in that scary crick.

  • Jonas Beals

    My name is Jonas Beals, I have a dumbell in my hand for my publicity shot because apparently I am a dumbell.

  • Jerkules

    Thanks for clearing that up Jonas I always wondered about that.