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Manhunt in Stafford County

Stafford Sheriff’s Office spokesman Bill Kennedy said that county deputies are looking for men who fled their car after being pulled over on the northbound side of Interstate 95 at mile marker 136. The site is adjacent to the Centreport interchange.

Kennedy said Stafford deputies were on the lookout for the vehicle after receiving word of a bank robbery in Spotsylvania County. The vehicle in question fit the description and was stopped on the highway. The occupants bailed from the car and fled into the woods on foot.

Kennedy said there are “deputies out looking” for the men and the Free Lance-Star has gotten a call from a county resident who noticed a heavy police presence near the intersection of Mountain View Road and Certreport Parkway.


  • Julie

    Thanks for the information. Traffic on I-95 is getting crazy.

  • Dianne Lawson

    How about a description of the men ~ white, black, hispanic? We live hear there. Sheesh!

  • Karen

    Any updates? Traffic is still backed up on Rte one.

  • Kim

    Yes…description please!!

  • jay

    We heard that one man was caught at the old produce stand on route 1 near Lewis Insurance Agency!

  • Burke

    Descriptions would help!

  • Crystal

    I just got a call, they have been apprehended.

  • Caitlin

    They definitely didn’t get pulled over, their car was in the ditch and the sheriff’s car hit a tree head on. Crazy stuff.


    It appears both were caught. I was sitting in the traffic for a while myself. Well worth the wait knowing that my family nor I will ever fall victim to these dirtballs. I hope the bank workers are all OK. Who wants to get robbed at work? I’m proud to say that we have a Sheriff’s Office in Stafford that knows how to catch bad guys. Kudos to Sheriff Jett and the rest of those deputies. They put their lives on the line every day all in the name of maintaining a safe community. Makes me proud to be a Stafford resident!

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