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The Race Is On And Here Comes…

Jason Pelt! Pelt threw his hat in the Commonwealth’s Attorney ring today with a brief speech on the Stafford County Court House steps. Pelt, an attorney with Goodall & Pelt, P.C., will seek the Republican nomination for the seat that Daniel Chichester has held for 40 years. Chichester has decided not to run for another term.

Check tomorrow’s Free Lance-Star for more details.


  • Beth Hill

    Good Luck Jason!

  • Mark E. Guillotte

    Best wishes for you Jason! Let me know if I can help.


    Dan Chichester is one of the biggest reasons Stafford County remains one of the safest. Stafford is a very safe community to raise your family. Most lawbreakers know, if they want to go thuggin, it’s not going to be in Stafford. A smooth transition to Eric Olsen will ensure Stafford remains tough on crime. WE DON”T WANT THUGS OR CRIME IN STAFFORD. Now that a defence attorney has come forward to run against one of the best prosecutors in the Commonwealth should raise some questions. What does he want to do, loosen up on the criminal element and only give a slap on the wrist to them. Olsen is tough on DWI, Domestic Violence, Gangs, Dope Dealers and everone else who wants to break the law in Stafford. He’s been putting thugs in jail now for over 20 years in Stafford and is committed to keeping the county safe. He’s demonstrated this by example for 20 plus years now. He’s a fair man that cares, and provides a voice for every victim and law abiding citizen that desires to reside in a safe county. If you wish for a CA that’s battle tested, hates crime, has a proven track record, then vote Olsen. If you wish for your CA to be defending crooks and criminals one minute, then representing your law abiding citizens the next, vote for the others. Either way, be careful what you wish for, for you will surely get it! Safe in Stafford!

  • Stafford Needs Change

    It’s about time. Stafford needs some major changes and I hope Jason Pelt is the guy! We can’t have Mr Olsen in Stafford NO MORE! He is a criminal himself! Stafford Citizens educate yourself. There is a reason Mr. Olsen lost in Fredericksburg He came in last!! Hope you win Jason, you have my vote and I’m sure many others.

  • Area Man

    I don’t know much about either of them. I and all Stafford voters need to study both candidates so we can make a sound decision. This is not just any election. This person will have a direct impact on the safety and security of our homes, our schools, and our businesses. It is our responsibility to get the facts before voting.

  • Jillian

    At shuffle, Jason Pelt also has prosecutor experience. I know that I would like someone who has worked on both sides. It offers invaluable insight, and helps protect this county by putting away people who are a danger to society, while rehabilitating those who have made mistakes.

    The Free Lance Star has reported how this current commonwealth office is aware of that a boy that they heavily pressured to plea guilty to rape was actually not guilty at all. Instead of helping right this wrong, they continue to fight against him. Why? More people in jail isn’t necessarily good if its the wrong people going to jail.

    We need a fresh face in this county.

  • Jillian

    Also at shuffle – have you forgotten that a person is innocent until proven guilty? Defense attorneys play a vital part in the justice system too.

  • B Shelton

    The next change that needs to happen is the Sheriff. We need a new Sheriff in the County to go along with this change. Out with the old Good old boy network here in the County. I think change is good for the County and new ideas would come with a new Sheriff & Commwealth Att.