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Stafford Supervisors Meeting Agenda

Stafford County is migrating to a new website.  If you’re looking for tomorrow’s Board of Supervisors agenda, it’s on the new site here. If that’s not specific enough for you, here is the direct link to tomorrow’s agenda.

I haven’t spent enough time with the new site to form an opinion, but I have to say I’m not thrilled with the way the agenda is being handled so far. They used to post the agenda with hyperlinks to the background information that went with each item. Now it’s all in one massive .pdf file. The info is still there, which is great, it’s just harder to navigate. And it’ll take a lot more time to print only what I want/need.

But I’m only one man. Check it out and see what you think.

Oh. Some of the more interesting topics of conversation for tomorrow’s meeting: The SAFER grant, the Capital Improvement Program, setting the advertised budget and tax rate and an amended resolution being sent to the Planning Commission regarding housing unit allocation in UDAs.

See you there!


  • LarryG

    390 pages in one packet is NOT citizen-friendly. It pretty much excludes anyone who do does not have a broadband connection.

    The recent actions of the Stafford BOS seems to not want citizen to easily understand or participate in county govt.

    This is very different from the way that Spotsy and many other organizations (like FAMPO/GWRC) do business.

    The various BOS/County Staff incantations and ruminations of late combined with this latest burp – could lead one to think the BOS really does not want citizens involved in county affairs and that’s a bad sign for good government but if Stafford citizens are okay with it – so be it.

  • havingfun

    Jonas – sorry….this is what happens when they don’t fill all those IT positions and plan on making more cuts! ;) The folks who did the hyperlinking are probably online looking for another job right now and they don’t have time to create your simple, easily accessible agenda.

  • Dean Fetterolf

    The new agenda format, in this case 390 pages and some 16.4MB in size, is just ridiculous. The old way was much more refined and useful. They probably went back to a mimeograph machine to duplicate the package for board members.

  • SoccerMom2

    Are you kidding me? It took 30 seconds to download the agenda from my comcast connection. I like the agenda with everything in it instead of downloading every item like you used to have to do. Jonas, maybe it’s time for the FLS to buy you a computer from this century.

  • Dean Fetterolf

    When do folks even have time to read 390 pages? Not everyone in the county has high speed internet. Comca$t and FIO$ are not available to everyone. There are some folks that still have 56K modems and bandwidth /download limited satellite internet. On a 56K modem the download time would be about 40 minutes.

  • irene

    The older format made it easier to access documents as needed making it easier for smartphone users to get what they need while mobile. Downloading 360 pages of pdf to your phone doesn’t work. Come back to the 21st century and keep up with the technology that keeps us connected to government. I can’t get past the agenda on my Droid, and that’s not a good thing.

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Downloaded the 390 page document in 3 seconds flat. When I bring Stafford’s Agenda up I can read any page of the agenda I want to and print any page should there be something that necessarily needs clarification.

    I’m on page 30 at the moment and must admit the document is not “friendly user” and has not even been read by the Stafford County BOS. Someone else is reading the agenda to the BOS and only those sections impacting their strategic handling of Stafford County’s citizen population without their citizen population having the foggiest notion of what this 390 page document provides to its Stafford County population.

    No matter. I would be genuienly surprised if any group of Stafford County citizens were to come together, and saving for common purpose, spoon feed the questions to their BOS members with the reasonable expectation of getting an answer back…in writing, or has that been become another NO-NO in the practice representing county constituents?

    When you don’t know what the answer is to any plausible question, it’s always best to shovel the BS until everyone heads for home and without caring about whether to ask any more questions or not.

  • Dana

    Don’t like the new agenda. Not user friendly.

    Downbload is not fast, even with Comcast high speed internet. Yesterday the Agenda links didn’t work, making it necessary to scroll through 300 some odd pages to find the associated agenda item. Today the “jump links” on the Agenda work. Additionally, several documents were scanned sideways and the file was not saved in a way to change the view. Too hard to read charts that were laying sideways.

    Please change back.