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The People Take a Shot at UDAs

Turnout was strong at last night’s Urban Development Area workshop in the old Rescue 1 building at Stafford Courthouse. About 40 people came to learn about UDAs and give advice on where to place the 4,000 housing units that were left over after the Comprehensive Plan passed in December. Six UDAs–representing about 10,000 houses–have already been designated by the Board of Supervisors.

Last night’s suggestions spanned the range of options from expanding current UDAs to reinstating the Brooke and Widewater UDAs to creating completely new UDAs. Check tomorrow’s paper for more details.

A second meeting was scheduled for tonight at 7 p.m. at Rocky Run Elementary School, but it might be postponed due to weather. It may be rescheduled for the second week in February. County officials said that if they do decide to postpone the meeting, they will post a notice on the county website–possibly by noon.


  • Hartwood

    Does anyone really care at this point? Stafford is already completely hosed IMO. My daughter graduates from MVHS this year and I will be moving soon after. The place is a complete cluster now and will only get worse. Good luck with your stupid UDAs.

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  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Were minutes taken that will later be transcibed for public consumption? And, was the meeting televised or photos taken to confirm this meeting even took place? Or, was this meeting just one of those “Town Hall” gatherings, where you had to go to know, and walk away with many lapses in memory, and recall and boiling down to just more lost conversations and leaving the public to speculate on what a UDA is and what our local elected officials have in mind; obove and beyond the FLS coverage and the allegiance they have taken with their special interest partners?