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Decision on Derrick Lane

Stafford County Supervisors just voted 4-3 to approve all three items necessary to allow a hotel to be built between U.S. 1 and Derrick Lane just south of Aquia Town Center. The items were a Comprehensive Plan amendment, a rezoning on the zoning map and a conditional use permit.  Rezoning two residential parcels on Derrick Lane was necessary to create enough room to build a proposed hotel on U.S. 1. Supervisors Bob Woodson, Gary Snellings and Harry Crisp all voted against the three items.

Check this article for some background on the subject.


  • Rob

    Once again, the Stafford BOS proves that they only care about commercial businesses and NOT the CITIZENS OR RESIDENTS OF THE COUNTY. How pathetic!

  • Jared

    Props to the 3 supervisors who voted against this, unfortunately the other 4 only see this as a source of tax revenue for the county, and are unconcerned with the quality of life of those residents living nearby, and the compounding traffic problems in that area of Rt 1, made worse by this type of activity.

  • Bill

    We can’t keep continuing to build, build, build, without improving the infrastructure and roads to handle the extra traffic. Something this county is backwards in planning!

  • Dean Fetterolf

    I’m afraid the worse is yet to come if the BOS votes for the Comp Plan tonight.

  • Hannibal Lector

    Has anyone realized that the developers lied , swindled and commited fraud in the intial land purchase? The people who sold this property were lied too about the purpose of this land!! Check with them !!

  • GunnerC

    Just like the rest of Stafford county, do as they please and nobody will be held accountable! Yet another reason to vacate this location. In time, all this will come around and bite them right in the keester.

  • Ed Teach

    Further evidence that no man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the legislature is in session.

  • Man of God

    All the comments are in retaliation. The fact is as follows:
    a)They chose to buy the houses right next to Rt. 1 and they are talking about quality of life,,C’mon.
    b)Has anyone seen Car Dealer on Derrick Lane!!! Yes Derrick Lane. Access from Derrick Lane and Address is Derrick Lane. Developer was kind enough to instal no right turn signal so that fast car tester all day long don’t bother them and if they do, proper authority could be called. Why did not the residents of Derrick Lane did not install this???
    b)Developer at his full expense hauled all the old tires and debris from the used car lot and installed low maintennance which designer fence at a major expense without knowing the out come of the BOS vote.
    On Derrick Lane few 18 wheeler tractor is parket on house lot. Why don’t they ask the neighbor to be considerate and not park 18 wheeler that looks very unapealing???
    The same house has piled up debris and mountain of used tires.
    Guess they love the GRAND entrance of Derrick Lane with Car Lot on Right and Tractor with disgusted debris on left and argue about nicely land scape Marriott hotel with next to no visibility due to Heavy landscaping and 8ft designer low maintenance fence which will give them privacy from Rt 1 Commercial Corridor.
    Deveoper gave in so much that so many of Stafford residents could not believe.
    Finally response to #5 I want to ask good citizens of Stafford County this: If you paid full asking price for a car and decided to sell it. Did you do anything wrong? If the developed used coersion to obained the land yes those kind of allegation is appropriate but it was not the case. Upon request from area BOS, within one year of purchase developer personally went to the previous owners house on several occassion and begged to sell the land for exactly what he bought it for and they refused. WHY DID NEIGHBORS BUY THE LAND BACK??? And how accussing developers???
    In conclusion,the neighbors simply are very unreasonable and when someone is so unreasonable and hold peace now… they are simply hurting themselves.
    STOP accusing county officials or county planning department. They are doing the best and they should be aaplauded. GOD BLESS….

  • Derrick Lane Resident

    Tsk, tsk Man of God. Tsk, tsk.

  • Man Of God

    One can ONLY expect child like comments from someone with name like Hannibal Lector !!!

  • bill from stafford

    Hannibal, you could use some spelling and grammer lessons yourself. Careful of your house when you throw those stones! Maybe it’s a glass trailer…..