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For Those Not Keeping Score at Home…

The Comprehensive Plan public hearing is over –43 people spoke in front of the Planning Commission. So what was the temperature of the room? Well, let’s see.

Keep in mind that this is a completely non-scientific poll. When it came to criticism or support of the comprehensive plan, it was hard to determine who came down for or against. Some people expressed a mix–approval of some parts and hatred of others. For the most part, people stayed on track–either for or against. This is my take. Someone else might have seen things differently.

Clearly in favor: 3

Clearly opposed: 34

Undecided (as far as I could tell): 6

I think it is safe to say that the public response to the plan was overwhelmingly negative.

Vote by the Planning Commission is forthcoming.


  • Dean Fetterolf

    Well the citizens spoke at the Public hearing in regards to the Comp Plan. By my count: 36 spoke against; 4 In Favor; and 2 I called a tie. So pretty good agreement with Jonas.

    The Commission Vote 5-2 in favor of the Plan. If their was confusion and misinformation by the public (and their wasn’t) as stated by some commission members then the Planning Commission and the BOS are at fault for not having ANY public Information sessions on THIS plan.

    So once again the voices of the citizens were ignored by the Republican majority appointed Planning Commission.
    Of the 4 supporters of the plan one was the Chair of the Stafford Republican Committee, another a strong Republican campaign contributor and the third a DC resident looking into a commercial development project in the very north end of the county.

    Citizens have one more chance to voice their opinion at the BOS Public Hearing in a few weeks. Sure hope they reserve one of the high school auditoriums because the board chambers were filled.

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