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Developers: Help Stafford Help You

The Stafford County Development Fees and Review Process Committee (supervisors Paul Milde and Harry Crisp) has spent the year trying to find ways to revamp various permit processes and fees. Their goal is to reduce some of the fees to make them more palatable and remove some of the hoops applicants have to jump through. Eliminating headaches and saving staff time seem to be the order of the day as county officials work to make Stafford a more business-friendly environment.

To that end, the county would like some feedback. They created a 16-question web survey for public input. It might help to have filed a building permit or a planning/zoning application in the past.

Take the survey here.


  • Concerned Citizen

    How about a 16 question web survey on what Stafford citizens want their county to look like in 20 years and incoporate that into the comprehensive plan. The BOS is treating citizens like mushrooms. Keeping them in the dark and feeding them horse manure.

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Who’s on the “sub-committee” and what role do they play in Stafford County business strategies? Or, is that personnel roster not available to public preferences?