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County Attorney Compensation

Stafford County supervisors unanimously approved an employment contract with new County Attorney Charlie Shumate. County Administrator Anthony Romanello told me that there is no contract between the county and Shumate. Rather, the resolution contains employment details. If anyone can tell me the pros/cons of resolution vs. contract, I’d love to hear them.

At any rate, the final WHEREAS of the resolution contains the following:

“The employment agreement provides for an initial salary of $153,300 with a $350 per month car allowance, and an annual contribution to Charles L. Shumate’s 457 Deferred Compensation Plan in the amount of $7,500.”

According to my math, that’s annual compensation of $165,000. Contrast that with former Stafford School Superintendent David Sawyer’s $184,722 compensation package and Romanello’s $183,056.


  • havingfun

    How many years of experience? This sounds appropriate for a lawyer handling legal issues for the whole county.

    I hope you aren’t implying that this salary is out of line for county attorney? What do regular attorney’s normally make? I don’t have any issue with this or with Romanello or Sawyer making what they make. They are in charge of large businesses that just happen to be public entities…it is hard work and they have education and lots of years of experience. Why do people not think that they should get paid to match their experience and qualifications? Should we just get a volunteer attorney or county administrator?

    I guess this is nothing compared to those folks out in Cali who were paying themselves almost $800K a year or more! Yikes!

  • Jonas

    I don’t know…did I imply that? It makes no difference to me what any county employees make. It might make a difference for some citizens, however. I thought it would be best to put the County Attorney’s salary into some sort of context. Shoot, he might be worth twice that, but I don’t determine those sort of things.

  • havingfun

    No, it just seems that the FLS is eager to publish the salaries of folks making more than $100K…without any details as to why they might receive that compensation…like what their experience or level of education is or what others in their positions make.

    For example, the FLS posted the names and salaries of people in local govenment and school divisions making more than $100K….again, no explanations, just putting out there folks making X number of dollars. Why? It comes off as if the FLS is saying that they are making too much without actually giving anyone any reasons for what they are making…why not list every single government employee in the area and their salaries? Why just single out those over $100K?
    These articles just seem to make it sound like folks are just making lots of money without earning it

    I am just saying that is how it “seems” to me. I mean, why is the salary important to the story unless it is outside the normal range, like those folks in Bell, California…now that is a newsworthy salary report!

    Anyway – thanks for posting information on your blog…it is good to see some Stafford coverage.