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Urban Development Areas

The quick low-down: the state has mandated that localities of a certain size (Stafford is such a locality) must designate at leat one Urban Development Area in their comprehensive plan by the summer of 2011. A UDA is a dense, mixed-use “downtown style” development that musct be able to accommodate 10-20 years worth of said locality’s growth. Look for more in-depth articles on UDAs in Stafford and Spotsylvania this weekend.

Stafford is revising its comprehensive plan, but it’s still in the working stages. The proposed plan has 9 UDAs. I have been told by a couple of supervisors that the UDAs changed after a meeting Saturday, so the information below is somewhat out of date. I understand the Boswell’s Corner UDA has been eliminated due to concerns from Quantico, and that the remaining UDAs may have been shrunk.

Still, the info is based on the proposed comprehensive plan published on the county’s website, and I think it’s an interesting exercise.

One more thing: county officials balked at giving me this information when I asked for it. It came to me via Supervisor Harry Crisp, who said he received it from the county’s planning department.

Leeland Station UDA

Total acreage: 254.44

5 Largest Parcels:

Leeland Station LLC: 87.88 acres (34.54%)

Leeland Station LLC: 34.15 acres (13.42%)

CSX Transportation Inc: 18.46 acres (7.26%)

Steven H & Helen J Schwartz: 16.98 acres (6.67%)

Stafford County Board of Supervisors: 6.14 acres (2.41%)

Centerport UDA

Total acreage: 1,398.58

5 Largest Parcels:

Centerport Residential LP: 150.66 acres (10.77%)

Stafford-Centerport Inc: 119.60 acres (8.55%)

Patterson, Bruce D. & Kellard L. et al: 111.12 acres (7.95%)

Sunrise Lake Memorial Garden LLC: 67.94 acres (4.86%)

Enon Cook LLC: 67.62 acres (4.83%)

Eskimo Hill UDA

Total Acreage: 346.85

5 Largest Parcels:

Charles R & Brenda H Morrow: 29.80 acres (8.59%)

26 & 30 State Shop Road LLC: 11.41 acres (3.29%)

7k Investments LLC: 11.30 acres (3.26%)

Silent Night LLC: 5.8 acres (1.67%)

Manasas Ice and Fuel Co. Inc: 5.57 acres (1.61%)

Brooke Station UDA

Total Acreage: 178.97

5 Largest Parcels:

Trustee for the John D. Ringle Trust: 53.25 acres (29.75%)

SCX Transportation Inc: 16.77 acres (9.37%)

Commonwealth of Virginia: 12.95 acres (7.24%)

John D. E. & Karen L. Reed: 9.49 acres (5.30%)

Henry C & Charlotte G. Crismond: 9.37 acres (5.24%)

George Washington Village UDA

Total Acreage: 1,907.73

5 largest parcels:

Augustine South Associates LLC: 240.88 acres (12.63%)

Thomas & Judith Metts: 105.49 acres (5.53%)

Turner A. & Estheleen H. Blackburn: 87.68 acres (4.60%)

Augustine South Associates III LLC: 86.46 (4.53%)

Augustine South Associates LLC: 70.08 acres (3.67%)

Stafford Station UDA (Widewater)

Total Acreage: 996.57

5 Largest Parcels:

Arkendale Associates LP: 421.46 acres (42.29%)

Potomac-Stafford Land Company LLC: 361.45 acres (36.27%)

Arkendale Associates LP: 117.52 acres (11.79%)

Charles W & Anna Lee Dean: 48.99 acres (4.92%)

Charles W & Anna Lee Dean: 19.78 acres (1.98%)

Southern Gateway UDA

Total Acreage: 547.60

5 Largest Parcels:

JMC-IV Real Estate Company: 156.28 acres (28.54%)

McLane Mid-Atlantic Inc: 37.53 acres (6.85%)

JMC-IV Real Estate Company: 30.22 acres (5.52%)

Granville T. & Garnett M. Cropp: 22.72 acres (4.15%)

Robert G. Burton & Marie B. Mitchell: 21.55 acres (3.94%)

Courthouse UDA

Total Acreage: 311.50

5 Largest Parcels:

Medicorp Properties Inc: 30.31 acres (9.73%)

Medicorp Properties Inc: 19.17 acres (6.15%)

Stafford County School Board: 14.88 acres (4.78%)

Paradise Estates LLC: 13.63 acres (4.38%)

The Presbytery of the James Inc: 12.92 acres (4.15%)

Boswell’s Corner UDA

Total Acreage: 438.23

Quantico Business Center LLC: 50.19 acres (11.45%)

Hilldrup Transfer and Storage Inc: 24.17 acres (5.52%)

Hidden Valley Corp. of Virginia: 21.48 acres (4.90%)

Delashmutt Virgina Properties LLC: 18.16 acres (4.14%)

3953 JDH LLC: 13.82 acres (3.15%)