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Stafford County Parkway

Due to the deadline nature of today’s story, I was unable to include a map of the proposed Stafford County Parkway. Thanks to the magic of the Interweb, I’ll do it here.

But it won’t be that easy.

Step 1) Click on the proposed Comprehensive Plan’s land use map.

Step 2) Locate the dotted line that runs from the Centreport interchange (the green circle south of the Stafford Regional Airport) to Rt. 17 near Holly Corner Road. That’s it!

Plans for this road are pre-embryonic at this point, and the path of the road is still highly conceptual. Everything is subject to change, and the option of doing nothing at all is still a strong possibility. But steps are being taken.


  • Ricky Allen

    When are we going to get our heads out of the sand? Do nothing is NOT an option! Doing “something” won’t become a functional reality for at least five years down the road, if approved today. In five years you’ll be able to read the entire Free Lance-Star while idling on RT 17. Take action now- just be sensitive and responsible.

  • Tom Miller

    The current situation of only one option for crossing the Rappahanock is untenable. Traffic continues to get worse. I don’t even consider Rt. 1 an option due to LONG lights. We need another option to take local traffic off of 95.

  • Jonas Peter

    Putting a bypass from I-95 then back to I-95 merely moves the congestion from one place to another. In an area with a limited number of through routes, the only solution is to give those routes greater capacity. There is no need to destroy more of southern Stafford.