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Stafford receives National Park Service grant

According to a press release today, Stafford County just received $77,000 from the National Park Services’ American Battlefield Protection Program. The money will be used to survey the Aquia Creek Battlefield and gather information that could be used to preserve the area.

The surveys will map the site, research archaeological resources, create a management plan and nominate the battlefield for the National Register of Historic Places.

I’m no historian, but this is what a quick Internet search revealed:

The Battle of Aquia Creek took place in the Spring of 1861 between Confederate fortifications at Aquia Landing and Union ships on the Potomac.  A number of skirmishes were inconclusive. The Union finally took over the strategic landing once it was abandoned by the Confederates. According to a few websites, the Battle of Aquia Creek featured the very first use of mines in war. They were set in the Potomac by the Confederate side, but were ineffective. They were discovered and picked up by Union ships.