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Hot Enough?

Not that you need a newspaper (or blog, or person, or thermometer) to tell you it’s freaking hot outside, but weather is a fascinating subject ripe for hyper-analysis. In that vein, I give you my two favorite weather blogs, both run by my singular favorite amateur weather expert, Chris White.

The first is Storms-R-Us and focuses on White’s stormchasing in the area.

The second is Fredericksburg Weather, which does some in-depth parsing of local weather trends.

They are updated frequently, although not always daily, but I check both of them daily anyway and recommend you do the same.  I recently came across this precipitation information thanks to Fredericksburg Weather. It shows just how dire things were in the Fredericksburg area last month in terms of rainfall.


  • Martin (Marty) Work

    And we had two consecutive 106 degree days here and the over nite is averaging 91 degrees. Keep your fingers croseed that the electric doesn’t go out, or there will be hell to pay.