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Safe Swimming

It can be argued (easily, I believe) that the most dangerous place to be in the Fredericksburg area is in the Rappahannock River. It’s cruel fate that has us living alongside such a tempting wellspring of relief on scorching summer days, but before you dive into the murky, turbulent, rocky and tide-shifting water, remember this: 85 people have drowned in the Rappahannock since 1972.

In case you need a reminder of the danger of drowning, check out what happened yesterday at the Wilderness Camping Resort. In a lake.

Since Stafford County “owns” the Rappahannock, county officials interested in a safe summer ask that if you must go in the Rappahannock, be sure to wear a personal flotation device, a.k.a. life jacket. Also, don’t even think about swimming in the river if you’ve been drinking. Just because you are an expert swimmer does not guarantee you can avoid the swift currents and foot traps on the bottom of the river.

For more info, check the Press Release from Stafford County.