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Post-Budget Blues

I’m prepared to take some flak for this, but I’m not above grovelling. Perhaps grovelling is too strong a word. Let’s call it brainstorming or social networking or viral news gathering. Sure, let’s do that.

America! Virginia! Stafford! Lend me your idears!

It’s time for me to learn something new about the Stafford community, and I’m long overdue for a social visit (although a political visit is always welcome). So tell me. What do I need to know about Stafford? I grew up in Spotsy, so anything north of the Rappahannock is foreign to me. But I’m willing to keep an open mind.

What is your favorite part of the county? Do you have a spot–a park, a view, a road–that is meaningful to you?

What should I know about Stafford history? Do you know something incredible that happened in your own backyard? Last week? Last century?

Sure, this is a fishing trip, but I hope it’s one that will help me understand the county a little better.